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Electric bike controllers - smooth ride, appropriate settings, full control

Electric bikes are an increasingly popular means of transport. They allow you to save money, be active and quickly commute to work or university. However, each ebike requires the use of high-quality components to work effectively, among which electric bike controllers play one of the most important roles. What is worth knowing about them and what devices can you find in our assortment?

Remember that we have various types of electric bike parts. Thanks to us, you can convert your bike into a modern electric bike, change its motor, battery or install a new controller for an electric bike.

Why are e-bike controllers so important?

What are electric bike controllers and how do they work? This element of ebike equipment is in practice responsible for the operation of other components. The role of the controller is to modulate the motor operation using signals from the throtlle, pressure sensor and braking sensors. In addition, it is responsible for the current drawn from the battery and its further transmission to the motor. It also reads signals from the motor and transmits appropriate signals to the display.

Therefore, we can say that the controller is the brain of the bicycle, which controls its work and allows it to function properly. The lack of a properly functioning controller limits the efficiency of the electric bicycle motor, reduces the battery capacity, and sometimes even completely disables the electric bicycle drive.

How to choose a controller for an electric bike?

Each electric bike controller may be different and designed for a different type of vehicle. By looking at your motor and battery, you can determine which controller will work best for you.

There are also general rules for selecting control elements. For example, a vector controller is a great choice as it ensures quieter and more efficient operation than cheaper block signal devices. Modern sinusoidal controllers are also of high quality.

When choosing specific equipment, also pay attention to whether it has a dedicated cable harness for connecting other elements, whether it is waterproof and what size it is. However, the most important parameters of the controller will be the voltage and current range in which it can operate. Only a well-selected one will ensure efficient and failure-free operation of other elements such as the motor or battery.

How to connect an electric bike controller?

Connecting the controller is not a very complicated activity. It is best to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and connect subsequent wires, according to colors, to power the motor and battery and other accessories such as the display, handle or sensors.

Please note that it is necessary to carefully connect the entire set and mount it to the bike. Make sure that the entire installation is stable and properly insulated.

Driver faults and failures - what are their symptoms?

Damage to the electric bike controller may manifest itself primarily in incorrect operation of the drive unit or complete shutdown of the installation. If you notice any symptoms of improper functioning of your bike, check the operation of other elements and invest in a new controller for your electric bike.

What types of electric bike controllers can you find in our assortment?

You will find all popular types of controllers here: vector, sine and block. Each of them is available in a variant with different voltage and current. They will work well on urban, MTB and road bikes. They have original complete wiring, full security and quality guarantee. You can be sure that you will also pair them with other electric bike components that you purchase from us.

Each electric bike controller from our offer is of the highest quality, expressed in the opinions of our satisfied customers. We cordially invite you to browse our offer and take advantage of its possibilities.

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