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Welding lithium-ion cell

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Electric bike battery packs - efficient, powerful and durable batteries for you!

If you already have an ebike or are just thinking about buying one, you should know how important a role a bicycle battery pack plays in its functioning. High-quality batteries can affect the pleasure of driving and the comfort of travel. Our offer includes various types of electric bike packages that will meet your expectations, regardless of what kind of bike you have. Battery packs are an extremely important part of the equipment. "Batteries" made of many cells accumulate energy and release it when needed. They must be safe and durable to provide the ebike user with full comfort while riding.

What is the role of an electric bike battery pack?

Let's start with the fact that an ebike battery consists of many small energy-accumulating elements, welded into special Li-ion cell packs. More advanced users of electric bicycles who have knowledge of electricity and physics are able to prepare such packs for electric bicycles themselves, completing individual cells. However, most users who just want to ride their bikes use ready-made kits. A bicycle battery pack plays a very important role in its functioning. It collects and stores electricity from stationary charging and releases it while driving. By choosing packs for electric bikes with a specific capacity, voltage or current, you can effectively plan the performance of your ebike.

What should ebike batteries be like?

First of all, electric bicycle battery packs must be safe and resistant to intensive use. It is important that subsequent links are connected professionally and in accordance with the rules. It's good if you adjust the battery capacity to your needs in terms of capacity. Pay attention to the weight of the ebike and its motor - the more powerful the drive unit, the larger the battery you should install. Li-ion cell packs are prepared for bicycles with a frame that cannot accommodate a undertube battery. They will also work well in strong structures with the Mxus 3K Turbo motor. Their use depends on your needs.

Electric battery packs - what can you find in our offer?

We have various types of electric bike packs containing high-quality lithium-ion cells. These elements are safe for users and allow for many charging cycles. We offer our customers kits of various capacities, tailored to the needs of a given electric bike - reaching up to over 30 Ah. This way, you will definitely select elements especially for you. We have cells, among others: such respected companies as Samsung, LG, EVE and BAK. We are sure of their quality, workmanship and effectiveness. Riding with these types of batteries will certainly be pure pleasure for you.

If you would like to learn more about cells, are wondering which kit is right for you or have other questions - please contact us.

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