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Stators - everything you need to know about them

Do you want to build an electric bike from scratch or do you need to replace its faulty components? Our offer includes various types of e-bike power parts, including high-class stators. What is worth knowing about these elements? Which stator will be best for you?

What is a stator? It is a stationary element of the electric drive. An electromagnetic field is created in it and sets the rotor in motion. This allows your e-bike to move.

When should you replace the stator?

The stator is an element of the drive unit equipment. Together with the rotor, it constitutes the electric drive. Stators are structural elements of the motor and you do not have to buy them separately when investing in a new unit. However, it may happen that your electric bike starts to function incorrectly and the motor does not generate power.

This may be caused by a stator failure. You should therefore replace the stator with a new one, which also creates the opportunity to modify the motor's performance, which can now be stronger or faster.

What are the characteristics of the stators available from us?

The stators available from us are durable, resistant to overheating and damage to the windings. These are elements available at an attractive price that will certainly help you turn your damaged bike into an effective means of transport. Choose the stator we offer now and enjoy the high quality of operation of the electric motor.

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