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E-bike throttle - precise control

The electric bike throttle is primarily used to smoothly adjust the speed of the ebike. With this element you can control the bike by accelerating or slowing down. The throttle is controlled smoothly, which is different than in the case of popular PAS sensors where the bike will always strive to achieve a certain set speed regardless of the effort put into pedaling.

The electric bike throttle is a small element but it significantly improving riding comfort. Especially on off-road routes where precise control over the acceleration of the ebike is needed.

How to choose an electric bike throttle for your needs?

How should an electric bike throttle be selected? We have various types of electric bike throttles. Our assortment includes, among others:

  • Thumb throttles in various variants: wide, narrow (slim), symmetrical allowing installation on both the right and left side of the handlebar. This is the most common type of throttles that we can recommend for any bike. It will be especially useful for off-road enthusiasts because it allows for the most precise control of the bike's acceleration.
  • Full grips resembling traditional motorcycle grips. Particularly useful in city and tourist bikes.
  • Half grip throttles are a compromise between the above two.

What types of electric bike throttles can you find in our assortment?

Remember that each electric bike throttle from the presented offer is of the highest quality products from reputable manufacturers. We are sure that you will be happy to use the products purchased from us. If you are not sure which of the presented models is suitable for your bike and riding style, please contact us. We will help you choose the right variant.

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