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Cases for bicycle batteries and controllers - the highest quality, full protection

Modern ebikes are vehicles packed with electronics that must be protected against various external factors. Our offer includes various types of bicycle battery and controller cases, the purpose of which is to protect the sensitive components of an electric bicycle against damage while riding.

Electric bikes are technologically advanced vehicles that require a comprehensive approach and the correct components. Cases for bicycle batteries and controllers are mandatory equipment of such vehicles, fulfilling an extremely important function.

A special casing protects sensitive elements that operate with different electrical current parameters. The protected parts include, among others, electric bicycle batteries and various types of controllers.

Why are bicycle battery and controller cases used in ebike?

First of all, the cases of the bicycle battery or controller has a protective function. What does it mean? It protects against external factors that could lead to a short circuit or damage to sensitive components. Contact with sand, rain or dust may permanently destroy the battery or electric bike controller.

In addition, the housing also protects against accidental touching of sensitive parts. It is worth taking into account the fact that possible contact with the electricity generated by an ebike may be very unpleasant for humans. An important task of the case is also to stabilize individual battery cells and to enable appropriate connection of cables to other battery-powered components.

Another function is an aesthetic issue. These are parts with a very neat appearance and fit perfectly with the other elements of the electric bike.

What should be the right bicycle battery case?

If you want your electric bike battery case to fulfill its function, it must first of all be matched to the battery in terms of size. The case is usually equipped with a charge indicator, and for it to function properly, it must be correctly matched to the battery voltage. Also pay attention to the method of assembly of such a part and its construction.

Choose only proven parts. Our offer includes bicycle battery and controller cases that are tested in various conditions and ensure proper installation of batteries or controllers as well as protection against external factors. Their durability and quality are confirmed by our warranty for each purchased part.

Bicycle battery cases from our assortment - what elements can you find here?

We have various types of elements covering batteries and controllers. Our assortment includes, among others, a downtube battery cases with various parameters and a controller cases with a mounting kit. Some elements enable permanent installation of up to 90 cells!

In addition, we also offer sets with dedicated racks or underseat case, spare parts such as special power rails for the battery case, rubber washers and many other accessories that help with assembly or repair. All the above-mentioned products have a full set of mounting elements.

Would you like to learn more about the protective parts available from us or don't know which bicycle battery and controller cases will be perfect for your ebike? Please feel free to contact us. We will help you choose the best part that will fit your specific battery model and electric bike. Remember that our assortment also includes many other parts for electric bikes. You will surely find a piece especially for yourself.

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