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Speed calculator

Silnik elektryczny

Our electric bike speed calculator is easy to use and accurate, it allows you to determine the speed at different battery charge levels.

Low battery level: km/h

Medium battery level: km/h

Maximum battery level: km/h

The calculations are approximate. The actual result may vary depending on the size of the tire on the rim, the presence of headwinds, or different settings in the controllers.

Remember also that for an engine to reach its maximum speed, it must also have sufficient power to overcome air resistance at higher speeds. So do not expect that despite the displayed result, an engine with a power of, for example, 1500W will travel at 60km/h, because it is not possible, even though with the wheel raised, it can reach that speed.

Interpret the calculations in the context of the feasibility of selecting the installation.

Some combinations don't make sense, like a huge motor and low supply voltage, or a small gear motor and a vector driver, etc.

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