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HALL Honeywell

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Hall sensors - turn your bike into a safe ebike

Do you want to change your standard two-wheeler into an electric bike? You need several components, including a motor equipped with Hall sensors. Of course, you will find this extremely important part installed in electric vehicles in our offer.

Hall sensors have been widely used relatively recently, in the production of electronic devices or vehicles with alternative electric drives. The phenomenon on which the Hall sensor is based was discovered already in the 19th century by Dr. Edwin Herbert Hall.

What are Hall sensors and what role do they play?

Hall sensors are used to measure the electromagnetic field on a flat surface and in open space, as well as inside holes (depending on the shape of a given element). Using Hall sensors in electronic devices or electric vehicles, the appropriate voltage can be generated to achieve the desired effect.

If you notice that your Hall effect sensor is starting to function incorrectly, check the voltage with a voltmeter. If the voltage jumps between 0V and 4V, the element is functional. If the result is different, it's time for a new part. Our Hall sensors are extremely resistant to damage and are little susceptible to possible failures. Remember that riding without this element is not very dynamic, uncomfortable or even impossible.

Why should you install Hall sensors from our offer?

We have Hall sensors from a recognized manufacturer that will turn your damaged bike into a functional electric bike. They are characterized by versatility and adaptation to various types of motors. It's definitely a good choice!

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