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E-bike sensor

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Sensor for an electric bike - with us you will have full control over your e-bike!

An electric bicycle consists of many different elements that, on the one hand, drive the wheels with the energy generated by the drive unit, and on the other hand, require effective stopping. For this reason, our assortment includes sensors necessary to set the wheel of your bike in motion and those that allow it to effectively stop. We offer you only the highest quality products. What is worth knowing about them?

Our offer includes various types of parts for changing a bicycle to an electric one or repairing an existing e-bike. For this reason, you will find various sensors for an electric bike that are necessary for its proper operation.

Why do sensors play such an important role in converting a bicycle to an electric one?

What does an electric bike sensor do? PAS sensors mounted in the bicycle crank are used to detect the movement of the pedals, which informs the controller about the need to set the motor in motion. This results in the launch of the so-called electric motor support.

Braking sensors, in turn, are used to improve cooperation between the drive and the braking system. Thanks to them, it is possible to immediately cut off motor support if necessary.

What types of sensors can you find in our assortment?

We have various types of sensors, including the PAS sensor for an electric bike. The availability of different versions of this element allows you to properly fit it to the crank type (ISIS, Hollowtech, square, etc.) of your bike.

We also offer various solutions for brake sensors. Universal magnetic sensors will fit any bike, but you can also decide to purchase a pressure sensor for hydraulic brakes or sensors integrated with complete brake levers.

Why is it worth using our offer of sensors for an electric bike?

First of all, we focus on quality. Each electric bike sensor is made of durable materials. Thanks to this, it provides precise control over the e-bike, improves its operation and is a very durable item. Regardless of what electric bike sensors you are interested in, you can be sure that every electric bike part purchased from us will meet your expectations - for road, recreational or MTB electric bikes.

We encourage you to shop now and ask any questions. We will try to answer each of them, based on our knowledge and experience. Remember that we offer only the highest quality accessories for electric bikes, confirmed by positive opinions of our customers. We are sure you will join them too!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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