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Displays for electric bikes - high quality image and durability in all conditions!

Efficient and pleasant riding on an ebike is not only about appropriate quality equipment, an efficient motor or a very capacious battery. It is also a functional on-board computer, showing you the most important riding parameters. Our offer includes various types of displays for electric bikes that make it easier to control the vehicle, increasing riding efficiency and comfort.

What are e-bike displays? It is a kind of command center, resembling an on-board computer. They enable full display of various parameters and information useful during vehicle operation.

Displays for electric bikes - to have everything under control

Modern electric bikes enable you to quickly, comfortably and economically reach your destination - school, university or work. If you want to control riding parameters, paying attention to, among others: on battery charging or vehicle speed, choose our clear and accurate displays for electric bikes.

An electric bike display is a key component that indicates the current condition of your bike. What functions do our indicators have?

What is the role of an electric bike display?

Displays for electric bikes enable full control over the vehicle, monitoring its operating status and riding characteristics. What will you find on such a display?

  • Speed
  • Battery charge status
  • Distance traveled (total and single)
  • Motor power and its temperature
  • Battery voltage

If you choose the appropriate control panel, you can also set specific parameters, control their changes, and even... charge your phone thanks to the built-in USB ports.

What are the characteristics of high-class displays for electric bikes?

There are several things that affect high-end e-bike displays. First of all, they show precisely defined parameters, consistent with the actual situation. The speed, mileage and battery charge status are actual and you can control them on an ongoing basis. Everything is also displayed on clear screens, so you can check parameters, e.g. while riding.

A high-class display for an electric bike is also durable, resistant to, for example, shocks and will withstand many kilometers traveled together.

What types of ebike displays can you find in our assortment?

Our offer includes various types of displays for electric bicycles. You will find devices operating at various voltage levels (36V, 48V and 60V).

We offer battery charge indicators, wattmeters, monochrome and color LCD displays. We have various types of parts for electric bicycles, and displays and indicators are one of the key elements of the set for electric bicycles.

If you have any questions about these parts or would like to know which display model is best to purchase - please contact us. We will help you choose the best option!

What can the electric bike displays available in our offer do?

We have various types of displays for electric bikes with many functions. The most basic ones have a battery level indicator (36V and 48V versions).

In turn, the more extensive control panel not only controls the battery charge, but also shows speed, expected range (single and accumulated), time, power and motor temperature.

Why is it worth choosing our bicycle displays?

We only have the best displays that will work well in various types of electric bikes. Their operation and connection to the controller is extremely simple and you will certainly be able to handle it. Our bicycle battery charge indicators and ebike displays are characterized by high precision, durability and resistance to various types of external factors.

We have both color and monochrome displays. All of them have a clear screen that will certainly make it easier for you to check current information about your riding and battery status.

Choose the highest quality and improve your electric bike now. If you have any questions about the products available from us, please contact us. We will answer any doubts and questions.

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