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GT350 36-48V 18A controller BLDC

GT350 36-48V 18A controller BLDC

  • Operating voltage: 36 / 48V (LiPo / LiIon 10-13s batteries, 3-4pcs gel batteries)
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Controller GT350, 36 / 48V, 18A


Description of the cables:

Black [GND], Red [+ BAT], Red [Ignition switch] - Main power supply of the controller + ignition switch. The connection of the thick red + BAT and the thin red wire of the ignition switch activates the controller. Between the two red ones you can put a button or a key switch to be able to turn the installation on and off.

Blue, Yellow, Green - Motor power

Black [GND], Red [+ 5V], Blue [signal], Yellow [signal], Green [signal] - Hall sensors

Black [GND], Red [+ 5V], Green [SIGNAL] [BLACK PLUG Male] - Throttle

Yellow [signal] - Brake-Hi - brake activation by applying 12V to this wire (from the DCDC converter)

White [signal], Black [GND] - Brake-Low - brake activation by connecting the wires, i.e. ground [GND] from the black wire to the white wire (e.g. through the brake handle contactors with a sensor)

Black [GND], red [+ BAT] (thin wires) - power supply for the purposes of an alarm or battery voltage indicator

White, White - Controller self learning mode. See description below.

Orange, Black [WHITE PLUG] - Cruise control, a momentary short circuit activates the cruise control. The lever turns off the cruise control.

Brown, Black [WHITE PLUG] - short circuit changes the direction of travel.

Orange - Black - Blue - 3 speed switching. Connection [Orange - Black] = Speed3 - fastest, [Wires open] = Speed2 - medium, [Black-Blue] = Speed1 - slowest.

Yellow-green - 5V rectangular signal for the needs of the speedometer (usually connected to a watt-meter or other computer or to universal displays

Self-study procedure:

1. Connect the colors of the motor wires - controller (3 phases and 5 from the hall sensors), then connect the 2 white self-learning cables

2. Turn on the ignition and irichom set. The controller will start turning the wheel by itself, setting the sequence of phases and halls.

3. If the wheel is turning in the wrong direction, turn the ignition switch off and on or use the lever - the controller will change the direction of the wheel turning

4. If the wheel is turning in the right direction - wait 20 seconds and disconnect the white cables, then turn off the ignition

5. Done

If you intend to use it at powers higher than nominal - provide it with cooling, i.e. do not close it in places without air circulation.


DO NOT USE ANY CONNECTORS when building your construction. Cut the ends of the controller, motor, grips, buttons and other elements and solder them permanently, securing the joints with a heat-shrinkable sleeve. A properly constructed installation is not based on connectors. The elements purchased from us "at the factory" do not match and this is a deliberate procedure. Connectors in the construction of high-power two-wheelers are the cause of many problems and faults and connecting everything permanently makes the installation more reliable and less emergency.

Maximum power
Nominal power
Working voltage
Power cut-off
30/42V +-1V
Maximum current
24 months for consumers, 12 months for companies

The store guarantees repair or replacement of equipment for up to 24 months for consumers and 12 months for companies from the date of purchase. Complete the complaint form available on the store's website.


What is not covered by the warranty?

- Errors in installation or maintenance
- Thermal damage (overheating)
- Modification/interference in the device casing
- Modifications/changes inside the device
- Mechanical damage caused by incorrect use of the product. e.g. damage from falls, excessive mechanical loads

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