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Electric bike rims - versatile and durable

The right wheel for an electric bike is a fundamental element of its driving properties. It affects the speed achieved, the speed at which the vehicle accelerates and its behavior on the road or off paved terrain. Our offer includes advanced, durable and versatile electric bike rims that will allow you to ride comfortably and safely in various conditions!

However, before you choose a bicycle rim, you must remember to adapt it to your needs, your ebike and its intended use. Different types of reinforced bicycle rims will be used on MTB bikes, and others will be used on the road.

How to choose a wheel for an electric bike?

First of all, the bicycle rim must be properly selected in terms of diameter. Take into account your height, riding capabilities, but also the purpose of the ebike. Larger wheels are intended for road or street riding. Smaller ones (such as 26 inches) are rims for electric MTB or trekking bikes.

Pay attention to the quality of workmanship. An electric bike rim must be durable because it is most often subjected to greater loads. Be sure to check whether the installed motor will be efficient in combination with a given wheel size. Also make sure to attach reinforced bicycle spokes to the wheel (which can also be found in our assortment).

Bicycle rim - what are the characteristics of a high-quality element?

High-quality bicycle rims for electric two-wheelers must be made of strong materials that are resistant to shocks and pressure. They are made of materials such as aluminum, which does not lose its shape after riding even many kilometers, while maintaining the appropriate appearance.

Remember to check what kind of brakes a given rim is designed for so that it works with the braking system on your bike.

What types of electric bike rims can you find in our offer?

The electric bike rims we offer are of the highest quality. We have wheels of various sizes (up to 28 inches). Due to their durability and resistance to weather conditions, you can use them for recreational riding or intensive mountain exploration.

Remember that you will also find other parts for electric bikes here - from complete conversion kits to small consumables. All this is available at attractive prices, only from proven and respected manufacturers. You can choose not only wheels, but also spokes and tires, if necessary.

Join the group of our regular and satisfied customers, turning a traditional two-wheeler into a useful, ecological and economical means of transport - an ebike!

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