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Cells for building a bicycle battery – available in our store

Did you know that you can regenerate or even create a bicycle battery by yourself? Cells for building bicycle batteries are used for this purpose. You can find cells with various parameters in our assortment. What is worth knowing about ebike batteries? Remember that and kind of work on batteries should be performed carefully and in accordance with all safety standards. Improper connection (as well as operation) may have very serious consequences.

Bicycle battery for ebike - what is worth knowing?

A bicycle battery pack plays an extremely important role - it stores electrical energy generated while riding or captured during conventional charging. Its construction affects how far you can ride your electric bike, but also what speed your bike reaches. Although electric bikes have original batteries (or batteries purchased separately from the set), by using the cells to build a bicycle battery, you can regenerate the old battery and create a new energy storage system. How to do it?

How to make a battery for an electric bike? It's possible!

If you have the right cells for bicycle batteries, you can try to create your own battery that will power your ebike. How can you prepare such a battery? First of all, you need to have the right elements. A bicycle battery pack (except cells) consists of cell holders, insulators, cables and a BMS module. Then prepare your work area by clearing it of metal parts and providing access to light. Then you can start connecting the cells according to their designation, i.e. S (series) connect in series, and P (parallel) - in parallel. Depending on the battery configuration, you can prepare it according to the example key 13S5P, i.e. 13 cells in series and 5 in parallel. Always start by combining the latter. Before assembling in the basket and connecting, check the voltage of the cells – each of them should have the same voltage. Then you can proceed to connecting the elements, remembering the principles of electricity. Finally, it's time to insulate and route the wires.

What cells do we have for building a bicycle battery?

Our assortment includes various types of bicycle battery cells. Each bicycle battery pack is characterized by high quality work and the possibility of long operation. The sets include voltage-equalized cells for bicycle batteries, special cell holders (honeycombs), insulators, etc. If you don't want to build the battery by yourself, we offer a battery pack welding service, complete battery building kits or batteries that are a ready to use product that works immediately after installation in your bike. We provide bicycle battery cells from renowned companies: LG, Sanyo, Samsung, EVE and BAK, with various parameters and capacities, tailored to your needs. The availability of individual brands of welding cells varies. We encourage you to purchase!

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