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Conversion Kits of e-bike

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A kit for converting a bicycle to an electric one - change the nature of your bike!

Just a few years ago, electric bikes were vehicles that could only be found in stores. Modern technology means that you can build your ebike yourself, in the comfort of your garage or workshop. You can achieve everything by installing a high-class bicycle conversion kit, which is available in our assortment! The electric bicycle conversion kit helps expand a traditional two-wheeler by installing electric support based on a drive unit and a capacious battery. Such a change has tangible benefits that are used by more and more people. What are the advantages of owning an electric bike?

Why is it worth converting your bike to an electric one? The most important advantages of converting to an ebike!

Why should you choose an electric bicycle kit? There are several reasons to convert your bicycle into an electric one, based on the bike you currently have.
It allows you to quickly get from point A to point B - an electric bike is a great means of transport that will allow you to ride safely and quite quickly around the city. It's perfect for the city, amidst the hustle and bustle of pedestrians and cars.
It is ecological - an electric bike does not burn any fuel. It is powered by electricity that can be obtained from an electrical socket. It is a very economical means of transport as well.
It is a healthy means of transport, perfect for fans of cycling - if you like cycling, but for health reasons, for example, you are unable to constantly ride a traditional, foot-powered bike, an ebike will be a great alternative.
By using a kit to convert a bicycle to an electric one, you can save - by using a high-class electric bicycle kit, you will receive a very durable, strong and high-class ebike at a relatively low price. Such an investment saves money!

What should a bicycle conversion kit include?

The complete bicycle conversion kit includes several types of parts that will allow you to create your dream bicycle powered by electricity. Cables for controllers Rims Spokes and lacing service High-class controllers with waterproof connectors Displays and levers Sensors Brake levers Complete motor Using the bicycle to ebike conversion kit, you can convert any type of bicycle into an electric one, including a trekking bike, a city bike or an MTB. Our offer includes good quality, cheaper electric bicycle drives as well as professional sets for converting a bicycle to an electric one.

Why should you choose the electric bicycle kit we offer?

The bicycle conversion kits that you will find in our offer are versatile elements that allow you to completely build an electric bicycle at home. They are an ideal solution for people who like to tinker and want to build their own ebike based on their favorite bike. If you have any questions about the kits we offer, you need advice or would like to find out whether it will fit your bike - please contact us. We will certainly find the best solution together to help you build your new electric bike.

Complete electric drive for a bicycle – is its assembly difficult?

Converting a bicycle to an electric one is associated with specialized activities, arduous work, as well as a very heavy financial burden. Is this really the case? By purchasing our complete electric bicycle drive, you don't have to worry about the above issues - you will certainly be able to handle it. This is a cheap and easy way to convert a regular bike into an electric bike.

Each electric bike kit is made in such a way that you can install it yourself in the garage or basement. All you need are basic tools, basic knowledge of mechanics and electricity, and a free space to work. Everything is described in detail and you just need to follow step by step to reach your goal. In case of doubts, problems or difficulties encountered, you can always consult our specialists who will help you with the task.

How about price? Will converting a bicycle to an electric one really be so demanding in terms of financial outlays? The kit available for converting a bicycle into an electric one is much cheaper than a new e-bike available in the store. Its price is no higher than purchasing a standard two-wheeler in a supermarket. Instead, you receive a complete electric bike kit, containing all the elements necessary to turn the vehicle into a modern means of transport, powered not only by muscle power, but also by electricity.

Is every bike adapted to changes? We offer drives for citymountain and even road bikes with varying power and battery performance. In practice, there is no bike that cannot be converted. When purchasing a dedicated ebike kit, you receive elements tailored to the character of your standard vehicle, which will help with assembly. The only thing that needs to be checked is the place in the bike frame where the battery would be mounted. In the description of each downtube battery, you will find a printable battery diagram so that you can make sure that the battery will fit your bike before purchasing.

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