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BMS modules for electric bicycle cells - safety and efficiency of work

In order for an electric bike battery to perform its tasks and provide electricity when needed, it must be controlled by special module. These control the battery's state of charge, its discharge rate and the possible replenishment of lost electricity. One of the key elements that protect and influence the durability of ebike batteries is the BMS module. The best BMS modules for Li-Ion cells can be found in our assortment.

We are one of the leaders in the electric bicycle industry in Poland, offering our customers access to the best elements that make up an ebike. For this reason, the BMS modules for cells available on have a manufacturer's quality guarantee, which translates into the durability of the purchased units and their safety during use.

What is a BMS module and what role does it play in an electric bike?

BMS modules for cells are special controllers that control the level of electricity in electric bicycle batteries. It is the BMS module that controls the replenishment and energy loss and protects against excessive discharge - extremely destructive for any battery.

Battery Management System, as we will develop the abbreviation BMS, manages lithium-ion batteries. This is one of the most important elements of your new electric vehicle!

How to choose the right BMS module for your ebike?

When choosing the appropriate BMS module, first of all take into account the battery parameters. It's about its voltage and the electric current. Due to the diverse shape and BMS assembly system, find a product that matches the design of the entire ebike.

Versatile and durable - check out the BMS modules for cells we offer!

Our assortment includes various types of BMS modules for cells that fit many types of ebike batteries. We have elements with a symmetrical and non-symmetrical structure, with a current of up to 120A and a voltage of up to 72V. Our modules are also available in many versions in terms of construction, which facilitates installation in various places and many bicycle models. Remember that we also have other elements of equipment for two-wheelers powered by electricity. Our assortment also includes a battery for an electric bike or a complete set for converting a standard vehicle into an ebike. We encourage you to check out the products available at

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