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Electric bike batteries – everything you need to know about our top-class products!

Electric bikes are an increasingly popular means of transport. If you want to turn your traditional bike into an electric vehicle, you need to choose high-quality electric bike batteries. Our offer includes a wide selection of this type of parts. What are the characteristics of the best batteries? Where can they be installed and why is it worth choosing bicycle batteries from our offer? We answer! An electric bike battery plays an extremely important role. It collects electricity generated during charging and then makes it available when needed. If you want the electric motor to operate on its own or assist your riding, it will draw power from the battery.

What characterizes the best bicycle batteries?

Let's start with technical and capacity matters. High-class bicycle batteries are primarily economical and safe Li-ION batteries. What are the main advantages of electric bike batteries? As part of an ebike, they can save money when commuting to work, school or university. By giving up your car and even public transport, you can save a lot of money each month. Of course, this is not the only benefit. Bicycle batteries (thanks to multiple charging cycles and zero emissions) are extremely ecological and make your bike a truly green means of transport. A properly designed battery will not only be capacious and long-lasting. At the same time, it should be light and relatively small so as not to interfere with driving. For this reason, the best batteries (such as a downtube battery closed in a special housing) are unobtrusive, light and small. All thanks to the high energy density that they keep in small dimensions.

What bikes can you connect bike batteries to?

You can effectively connect bicycle batteries to various types of bicycles. What bikes can you power with these batteries?

• City bikes - of various sizes and shapes, regardless of whether we are talking about traditional bikes or the so-called “ladies”.

• Trekking bikes - the size of the wheels or frame does not matter here either. Remember to choose large-capacity bicycle battery if you need to ride electric for a longer period of time.

• MTB bikes - You can easily convert your mountain bike into ebike by using custom-made electric bike battery.

Why our electric bike batteries are the perfect choice?

Our offer includes the best bicycle batteries that are safe, versatile and will effectively help power your bike. We have various types of batteries, including capacious and powerful 36V and 48V ones. Every downtube battery we can offer you is tested and certified. This is the best choice for you.

Do you have questions about how to build your ebike? Contact us! We are one of the most experienced companies on the market. We will help you choose the right parts and accessories.

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