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Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear
Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear
Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear
Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear
Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear
Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear

Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear

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Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear
Electric motor for bike Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear
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Electric motor Mxus XF40C 30H 1500W (7x9) CASSETTE rear

Ideally suited for riding in slightly mountainous terrain and on gravel.

Mxus 30H motor with a power of 1500W
Nominal power: 1200W at 48V
Maximum continuous power: up to 1500W
Supply voltage: 24-48V
~7RPM/V, about 0.85km/h for every 1V of power supply for the 26" wheel
KT Sinus
We recommend SINUS controllers, thanks to which the motor will heat up the least at the highest power.

What You Should Know Before You Buy?

The motor is recommended for structures built for leisurely touring. If you intend to build a bike that you intend to ride off the beaten gravel or asphalt routes or you are interested in a sporty driving experience - then choose the Mxus 3K Turbo, it will work MUCH better (it will not heat up excessively).

It has the best price-performance ratio and offers the best chance of future drive expansion.

The best controller should be 30A at 48V (We highly recommend SINUS controller) so that the motor will heat the least at the highest power.

The 8x8 version of the motor is a coil that gives additional power at the expense of maximum speed. If you are not interested in high top speed, and you want to have a bike exceptionally well overcoming all kinds of asphalt or gravel hills - consider buying this motor.

If you are going to build a sports bike with a power greater than 1500W (the controller will be more than 30A - better choose Mxus 3K Turbo).



Questions and Answers:

7x9 - Motor with the lowest top speed but the highest torque (force). If you live in a mountainous or very hilly area, if you ride off-road on routes with a lot of elevation gain or if you are towing a bicycle trailer or your bike is heavier than typical bicycles, then such an engine is for you. It also allows (at a speed of about 25 km/h) maximum range, because it makes the best use of the stored energy. However, all this is paid for with a lower maximum speed, so usually such a motor is not chosen if the terrain on which you intend to drive is flat or slightly hilly - too low speed on straight asphalt or gravel sections will annoy you.

8x8 - Motor with reduced maximum speed but increased efficiency. It has high torque, provides the most efficient ride with the lowest energy consumption. Suitable for people for whom the maximum speed is not important (or even not wanted), but who see strength (torque) as the main advantage of their design. It is best suited to structures built with strength, efficiency and range in mind.

10x6 - Intermediate motor, has a higher maximum speed at the cost of lower torque (force). Provides faster driving for people who value high speed. It is weaker, provides a few% less range, and will work worse under a loaded mountain ride. This model finds particular interest in trekking, gravel, expedition, cross and other road structures.

12x5 - The motor with the highest maximum speed and also the weakest of the 30H models. This is the drive most commonly used for bicycles with 20/24 "wheels. The use of such an motor means that quite small wheels can accelerate the structure (thanks to the high speed of the engine) to a reasonable maximum speed. This motor model is usually not used for 26-28" wheels. Unless we consciously build a structure that only under ideal conditions on a flat road should accelerate to particularly high maximum speeds.

If you plan to build a very strong bicycle and you plan to use the above motor at maximum powers continuously or plan to use it with powers exceeding the above parameters (current, voltage, continuous and maximum powers), then the temperature of the motor should be monitored to prevent overheating.

Each motor can be defined with 2 parameters. Speed and torque. Both these parameters are reflected in these mysterious 2 digits. They describe the internal structure of the motor. The first digit is the diameter of the winding wire. It has a direct impact on the rotational speed, i.e. how many revolutions per minute the motor will accelerate for each 1V of power supply. The second number is the number of turns, it tells about the torque of the motor, that is, the power it has when accelerating or climbing up hills.

Halle + NTC10k temperature sensor
Length of the power wire
Number of magnets
Maximum continuous power
Maximum current
Nominal power
1200W przy 48V
XF40C 30H
1,8 Nm/A
Maximum torque
Supply voltage
~7RPM/V, około 1km/h na każdy 1V zasilania dla koła 26"
Fork spacing
135mm (fits classic bikes)
Wtyczka hermetyczna HIGO
Waterproof Connector
Cassette assembly
7-11s (dla 7s wymagany dystans 3mm)
24 months for consumers, 12 months for companies

The store guarantees repair or replacement of equipment for up to 24 months for consumers and up to 12 months for companies from the date of purchase. Complete the complaint form available on the store's website.


What is not covered by the warranty?

- Errors in installation or maintenance
- Thermal damage (overheating)
- Modification/interference in the device casing
- Modifications/changes inside the device
- Consumables (wear items): Hall sensors, power cable, axle, bearings, gear module and clutch.
- Mechanical damage caused by incorrect use of the product. e.g. damage from falls, excessive mechanical loads

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