Conversion kit (350W) MXUS XF15 RIM 28" FRONT WHEEL

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Conversion kit (350W) MXUS XF15 RIM 28" front wheel


Goods sold as a ready-made set. Individual elements cannot be changed.

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What's included in the kit:

  • Front MXUS XF15 motor
  • Rim 28 '
  • Spokes set of 36 pcs.
  • Lacing
  • KT sinus 17A controller
  • KT LCD3 display with USB
  • Universal full lever
  • Square PAS sensor
  • 2x Magnetic sensor of the brake handles
  • Case for the controller

MXUS XF15 MOTOR in 28 'rim

The controller with a rated power of 350W enables the construction of a classic assisted electric bike. The Mxus XF15 front motor is a reinforced model of the motor designed for conversion for people who want still have "soul" of a bicycle in their electric bike.

The kit sold includes a complete 28 " front wheel complete with the motor. The rim fits both Vbrake and hydraulic brakes.

 Note: Note that although this is a typical 250W kit, we have specially built it based on a larger and more durable motor for 350W sets. Thanks to this, the larger motor in our set is not as notoriously overloaded as its weaker 250W counterpart in sets available elsewhere. The set has a longer service life and a longer failure-free time, it heats up less under load and shows better efficiency, which translates into longer trips and noticeably better torque.

Motor parameters:

Motor type: gear, 36 spokes
Nominal power: 350W
Supply voltage: 36-48V
Maximum continuous current: 17A
Speed for a 28 "wheel: about 37 km / h
Wheel weight: 4.8 kg
Hall sensor: yes
Additional Hall speed sensor: yes
Compatible brakes for rims: disc, V-Brake

Controller KT sinus 






The set includes a KT-36 / 48V sinusoidal driver that guarantees quiet operation and high torque.

Controller technical data:

Control type: SINUS
Operating voltage: 36 / 48V (LiPo / LiIon 10-13s batteries, Maximum operating voltage 55V)
Maximum current: 17A
Nominal power: 350W (36V) / 450W (48V)
Maximum power: 710W (36V) / 930W (48V)
Power cut-off: 30 / 40V + -1V
Dimensions: 35x60x90mm

Connectors in the KT36 / 48SVPRCL, 36-48V, 17A (sine) controller:

BLACK BEAM - collective motor power cable. After disassembling the tip, the phase conductors of the engine, hall and temperature measurement will be present in the bundle.
Green, Yellow, Blue: The power phases of the motor
Green, Yellow, Blue, Red [5V], Black [GND]: Hall sensors in the motor
White beam [signal]: NTC10K temperature sensor input from motor or speed sensor signal input (fourth Hall in engine)
Red [+ BAT], Black [GND]: controller power supply
Green [TX], Yellow [RX], Blue [ignition switch], Red [+ BAT], Black [GND] (white flat connector): KT-LCD display
2x Yellow [signal], 2x Black [GND]: brake lever connection

*** if present 2x Yellow [signal], 2x Red [+ 5V], 2x Blue [GND]: brake handle connector (Hall sensor)
White [signal], Red [+ 5V], Black [GND] - Shifter
Yellow [GND], Green [signal], Red [+ 5V] - PAS sensor
Blue, Black: Hardware power and speed limit per button independent of display - secret power switching "as needed"
White, black - reverse. After a short circuit, the controller spins the wheel backwards
NOTE: in order for the controller to correctly display the speed of the bicycle also while driving without adding gas, set the position "P2" to "1" in the controller through the display

Display KT-LCD3


The KT-LCD3 display is an excellent choice due to the possibility of configuring the set from the display.


Technical data:

Working voltage: 36 / 48V (10s-14s LiPo / LiIon)
Maximum working voltage: 59V
Dimensions: 96x65x20mm


Case for controller

A well-fitted casing that protects the KT-36 / 48V controller, together with a frame fixing kit.

 Full Throttle

A full throttle enables convenient and comfortable operation of the drive during longer trips. Such a lever can be held in a deflected position for a long time without wrist fatigue

Cable length: 150cm
Mounting diameter: 22mm


Black: GND
Red: + 5v
White: Signal

Square PAS sensor


A bottom bracket mount cadence sensor enables an assisted riding mode similar to cycling. Turning the crank activates travel. A multitude of display settings makes it possible to set driving parameters to suit all needs and preferences.

Mounting to the crank: to the bottom bracket
Number of magnets in the target: 8

Pinout description VERSION 1: Red [5V], Blue [signal]. Yellow [GND],
Pinout description VERSION 2: Red [5V], Blue [signal], Black [GND]
Pinout description VERSION 3: Brown [5V], Yellow [signal], Black [GND]
Pinout description VERSION 4: Red [5V], White [signal], Black [GND]

2 magnetic sensors of the brake handles (for hydraulic and cable handles)

    2 x   

A sensor that is easy to install on any type of brake lever allows you to easily interrupt the PAS assist mode by pressing the brake.

What is not covered by the warranty?

Does not include in the case of:
- Installation or maintenance errors
- Thermal damage (overheating)
- Modification / interference with the housing of the device
- Modifications / changes inside the device

 If you have any question, please contact us: 

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