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Self-assembly battery -48V 25Ah 1200Wh with charger and BMS  -120km
Self-assembly battery -48V 25Ah 1200Wh with charger and BMS  -120km
Self-assembly battery -48V 25Ah 1200Wh with charger and BMS  -120km
Self-assembly battery -48V 25Ah 1200Wh with charger and BMS  -120km

Self-assembly battery -48V 25Ah 1200Wh with charger and BMS -120km

  • Rated voltage: 48V, Rated capacity: 25Ah 1200Wh
  • Case: Polly DP-21700-7, Configuration: 13s5p
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Self-assembly battery - Polly DP-21700-7 48V 13s5p 25Ah with charger and BMS

Product for advanced users.

The product for advanced users does not have marked areas for BMS mounting. The order of connection should be established by yourself. The set includes: battery case, package, BMS and charger.

We do not provide assembly instructions for kits for advanced users. However, you can use one of the video instructions available for begginer kits. We provide also technical support through our service department.

To complete the construction of the battery you need:

1m 12 AWG red
1m 12 AWG black
1m 16 AWG red
1m 16 AWG black
15x10cm epoxy with a thickness of 0.2-0.5mm
Heat shrinkable Sleeve 6.4mm x 12cm
Heat shrinkable Sleeve 9mm x 10 cm
XT60 set
0.7 m spiral cable cover
10mm x 20m Kapton tape
1m, 20mm double-sided adhesive tape
100 ml silicone

You do not know if the battery case will fit into your bicycle frame? Download the templates and print it in a 1:1 scale, after printing, check that both marked dimensions of 50mm are consistent with reality, otherwise the housing could be printed in a different scale and the dimensions will not match.

Download the battery template for the try-in on the bicycle frame - Click here

The battery is compatible with the following sets:

City kit XP03 Mxus XF15
Trekking kit XP04 Mxus 30H

Note: Do not connect this battery model to the Mxus 3K Turbo 3000W MTB set.

Advantages of assembling the battery yourself:

You save up to several hundred PLN
1. You save up to several hundred PLN on the cost of the battery. An ordinary soldering iron is enough for assembly (we recommend the cheapest soldering station for about PLN 100). We estimate the duration of the assembly at about 1 hour for an inexperienced user. Our service department is there to help and know if you run into any problems.
You gain unique knowledge
2. You gain new, unique knowledge. You know what you buy. You learn how the battery works and how it is built, so you know how to care for it better, and it will repay you with a longer failure-free operation.
You save in the future
3. If you are going to build another electric bike for your family or friends or you will be willing to buy a second battery to increase the range - the ability to build yourself will result in further, even greater savings and another portion of interesting knowledge in the new hobby of electric bikes.

The kit includes:






Suggested place of BMS assembly


Laser cut pure nickel plates.



Be sure to connect the charger to the batteries in the correct order. ALWAYS connect the charger to a 230V socket first and then to the charging socket. DO NOT connect upside down. This can quickly damage both the charger and the BMS installed in your battery. Reverse connection causes the effect of sudden charging of the output capacitors of the charger through the BMS socket. This is accompanied by the flow of huge current that can damage the plug, socket, BMS mosfets or even the charger transistors.

The real capacity of a package (available capacity) is always lower than the nominal capacity of a package (rated capacity of its cells). It is assumed that a ready battery based on a package will have about 10% lower real capacity than the theoretical rated capacity. It is caused by many factors, such as the decrease in the capacity of the cells under load, or leaving the unused capacity by the BMS (discharge to the minimum cell voltage to about 2.7V) in order to extend the life of the battery.

How to install the battery?

Charging socket
DC 2.1/5.5
Cell configuration
Maximum discharge current
Maximum charging current
Rated voltage
Rated capacity
25Ah 1200Wh
Cell type
LG M50T (5000mAh)
Estimated range

- at a speed of 25 km/h
- no wind, on flat asphalt
- without power assist, driving "on the throttle"

5,9 kg
on a professional welding machine, tape pure nickel 100%
Cells type
21700 new, unpackaged, 0 cycles


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