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Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km
Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km
Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km
Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km
Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km
Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km
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Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km

  • Nominal voltage: 48V, Nominal capacity: 20.3Ah 974Wh, Range: 97km
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Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km
Battery for e-bike 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh + charger (B4.S6) - 97 km
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Battery 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh with charger GRATIS

You do not know if the battery case will fit into your bicycle frame? Download the templates and print it in a 1:1 scale, after printing, check that both marked dimensions of 50mm are consistent with reality, otherwise the housing could be printed in a different scale and the dimensions will not match.

Download the battery template for the try-in on the bicycle frame - Click here

Installation and operating instructions for the battery - Click here


Battery 48V
Battery 48V 20,3Ah 974Wh
Range: 97km
25 km / h without wind, on smooth asphalt without power assistance, driving "on the throttle"
Capacity 20,3Ah
Rated capacity: 20,3Ah 974Wh. Cell type: Samsung INR18650-29E 2900mAh Seria 6

Battery includes:




Laser cut pure nickel plates



Be sure to connect the charger to the batteries in the correct order. ALWAYS connect the charger to a 230V socket first and then to the charging socket. DO NOT connect upside down. This can quickly damage both the charger and the BMS installed in your battery. Reverse connection causes the effect of sudden charging of the output capacitors of the charger through the BMS socket. This is accompanied by the flow of huge current that can damage the plug, socket, BMS mosfets or even the charger transistors.

The real capacity of a cell pack(available capacity) is always lower than the nominal capacity of a cell pack (rated capacity of its cells). It is assumed that a ready battery based on a cell pack will have about 10% less real capacity than the theoretical rated capacity. This is caused by many factors, such as the decrease in the cell capacity under load, or the unused capacity left by the BMS (discharge to the minimum cell voltage to about 2.7V) in order to extend the battery life.

Maximum supported current and connection to the controller: 30A, XT60 connector (female). Remember that the XT60 connectors are not waterproof, put the connection with the controller in a water-proof place.

Battery protection: The safety of the battery is ensured by the BMS system, which protects against excessive discharge and overcharging. In addition, it balances the battery, increasing its range and durability.

How to install the battery?

Charging socket
DC 2.1/5.5
Cell configuration
Maximum discharge current
Maximum charging current
2.5A (maximum efficiency of the charging socket)
Rated voltage
Rated capacity
20,3Ah 974Wh
Cell type
Samsung INR18650-29E
Estimated range

- at a speed of 25 km/h
- no wind, on flat asphalt
- without power assist, driving "on the throttle"

Cells type
7 kg
on a professional welding machine, tape pure nickel 100%
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.92 / 5.00 926 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Witam, bateria złożona, dzięki super instrukcji montażu, składanie to czysta przyjemność, materiału do montażu dostateczna ilość, rower już śmiga mimo zimy. Prośba o dołożenie wyłącznika do BMS, drobna rzecz a kłopot ze znalezieniem.